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New Philips Hair Straighteners Price List in India 2020

Philips Hair Straighteners Price
Philips HP8302/06 Hair Straightener(Black) ₹1,075
Philips BHS386 BHS 386 KeraShine Protection Hair Straightener(Purple) ₹1,909
Philips BHS384 BHS384/00 Hair Straightener(Purple) ₹1,409
Philips HP8302 Essential Selfie Straightener (Black) ₹1,099
Philips BHH880/10 Heated Straightening Brush with Thermoprotect Technology Hair Straightener(Black) ₹2,699
Philips BHH880/10 Heated Straightening Brush ₹2,799
Philips HP8302 Hair Straightener Black ₹1,099
Philips BHS386/00 Hair Straightener ( Purple ) ₹1,999
Philips HP8318 Hp8318/00 Hair Straightener(Purple) ₹2,499
Philips BHS673/00 ( Black ) ₹3,510
Philips HP8318/00 Kerashine Hair Straightener Purple ₹2,299
Philips BHS386/00 ( Purple ) ₹1,899
Philips HP 8303/06 Hair Straightener(Black) ₹1,111
Philips BHH777-20 Easy Natural Styler (Straightens & Curls) ₹2,845
Philips BHS386 Silk ProCare With Kerashine Hair Straightener(Purple) ₹1,985
Philips Selfie Straightener With Ceramic coated plates and temperature control Hair Straightener(Pink) ₹1,589
Philips BHS 673/00 Hair Straightener(Black) ₹2,899
Philips Philips HP8302 Philips_HP8302 Hair Straightener Hair Straightener(Black) ₹1,220
Philips BHS385/06 Hair Straightener(Peach) ₹1,540
Philips BHS384 Hair Straightener(Magenta Pink) ₹1,575
Philips BHS378/10 Hair Straightener(Pink , Black) ₹3,695
Philips HP 8303 ALIA BHATT LIMITED EDITION CERAMIC Hair Straightener(Black) ₹1,099
Philips .H8318/00 Hair Straightener(Purple) ₹2,798
Philips BHH800 Hair Straightener(Black) ₹3,030
Philips bhs386 Hair Straightener(Purple) ₹2,048
Philips KeraShine HP8316 Hair Straightener(Black) ₹2,589
Philips BHS385 Hair Straightener(Purple) ₹1,485
Philips Heated Hair straightening brush Hair Straightener Brush(Black) ₹2,889
Philips BHS830/00 Hair Straightener(White) ₹9,995
Philips New 300 Series (386) with Kerashine protection Hair Straightener(Purple) ₹2,070
This price list was last updated on 27 Oct 2020.
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