Hair Dryers under ₹2000

Hair Dryers under ₹2000 Price & Specifications

List of Best Selling Hair Dryers under ₹2000 in India with Prices, Specifications, Ratings and Features. Find the Best Hair Dryers under ₹2000 at the Lowest Price from a wide range of choices available at These Hair Dryers are available from Top Brands in India such as Philips, Vega, Remington, Panasonic, Nova, Agaro and more ... See more »

New Hair Dryers under ₹2000 Price List in India 2020

Hair Dryers under ₹2000 Price
Panasonic EH-ND11-A62B 1000W  Hair Dryer with Turbo Dry Mode(Blue) ₹599
Nova Silky Shine 1400 W Hot And Cold NHP 8106 Hair Dryer(1400 W, Pink) ₹599
ClubComfort® Hair Dryer with Fold able Handle and Mini Hair Straightener Travel Friendly ₹349
Panasonic EH-ND12-P62B 1000W Hair Dryer with Cool Air and Turbo Dry Mode(Pink) ₹803
Havells HD3101 Hair Dryer(1200 W, Pink) ₹599
Nova Silky Shine Hot And Cold Foldable NHP 8105 Hair Dryer(1200 W, Black) ₹379
Nirvani 2888 Professional hair Dryer for Men and Women with 2 Speed and 2 Heat Setting, 1 Concentrator Nozzle and Hanging Loop(1500 WATT, Black) ₹299
Philips HP8100/46 Hair Dryer(1000 W, Purple) ₹699
Arzet™ Combo of 1800W Professional Salon Hair Dryer, 2 Speed 3 Heat Settings Cool Button with AC Motor, Concentrator Nozzle & Hair Straightener with Ceramic Plates and Quick Heating-(Multicolor) ₹409
Panasonic EH-ND21-P62B 1200W Foldable Hair Dryer with Cool Air and Quick Dry Nozzle ₹1,144
Philips HP8100/60 Hair Dryer(1000 W, Blue) ₹649
Nova Silky Shine Hot And Cold Foldable NHP 8100 Hair Dryer(1200 W, Black) ₹349
Surat Dream Combo of 3 Microfiber Bathrobes Hair Towel Wrap For Women (Pack of 3, Multi Color, Free Size) ₹499
Remington Compact Hair Dryer (D5000), Black ₹1,955
VEGA Galaxy 1100 Hair Dryer (VHDH-06), Color may Vary ₹649
Nova Silky Shine Hot And Cold Foldable NHP 8100/05 Hair Dryer(1200 W, Black, Blue) ₹299
Mystical NV-1290 Hair Dryer ( Pink ) ₹249
CHOBA Professional Hair Dryer 2000 W Hair Dryers For Women And Men (BLACK) Hot And Cold Hair Dryer ₹430
Maxbell Bentag BT-2888 Hair Dryer (Black) ₹489
Nova Premium Silky Shine Hot And Cold Foldable NHP 8202 Hair Dryer(1400 W, Pink) ₹599
Nova SlideNBuy Professional Hair Dryer Foldable NV-1290 1000W ₹249
Bentag NV-1290 Hair Dryer (Pink) ₹259
Nova NV-1290 Hair Dryer (Blue) ₹259
UNIK BRAND™ Professional Hot and Cold Hair Dryers with 2 Switch speed setting And Thin Styling Nozzle,Diffuser,Blow Dryer for Men and Women Hair Dryers For Men Hair Dryers For Womens ₹249
Bentag SX-8006 NV-1290 Hair Dryer ( Multicolour ) ₹499
Celebrino Hair Straightener and 1000w Hair Dryer Combo ₹399
Nova Premium Silky Shine Hot And Cold Foldable NHP 8203 Hair Dryer(1400 W, Blue) ₹599
Perfect Nova (Device Of Man) PN-113 Hot & Cold Hair Dryer ( Black ) ₹349
Nova Professional NHP 8215 Hair Dryer(1800 W, Black) ₹799
Bentag NV-1290 Foldable Hair Dryer ( Pink ) ₹259
This price list was last updated on 21 Oct 2020.
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