Baltra Electric Cookers Prices in India 2020-2021

Latest Prices of Air Fryer, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Deep Fryer, Egg Roll Maker & Egg Boiler Baltra Electric Cookers

List of Best Selling Baltra Electric Cookers in India with Prices & Specifications. Find the Best Baltra Electric Cookers at the Lowest Price from a wide range of choices available at

Baltra Electric Cookers Price List in India 2020-2021

Baltra Electric Cookers Models Price
BALTRA GLAIR Multi function Cooker/Kettle 900 Ml (Boiling Milk, Eggs, Soup and Maggi/Noodles) travel cooker 400 Watt ₹1,099
Baltra BTC 101 Travel Cooker(0.5, Silver) ₹1,190
BALTRA Dream Deluxe Electric Rice Cooker Closed lid 1.8 LTR ₹1,799
Baltra Glare BTC - 101 Travel Cooker(0.5 L, Silver) ₹1,179
Baltra BTC-101 Travel Cooker(0.4 L, BLACK & SILVER) ₹1,221
Baltra BTC101 Electric Rice Cooker(0.5 L) ₹1,570
Baltra BTC-101 Electric Rice Cooker(0.5 L, Silver) ₹1,979
Baltra Craft 550 Watt 3 Layer Food Steamer Food Steamer(2.5 L, Black, Silver) ₹2,940
Baltra BTC-700DP Rice Cooker, Food Steamer(1.8 L, White) ₹1,999