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Divinext -200°C to 1372°C Digital Thermocouple Thermometer Two Way External Dual 2 Channel Temperature Input Probe Double display with backlight Thermometer(Multicolor) ₹2,999
Divinext 90-108°F Non-Contact Human Body Temperature Meter Medical Grade Infrared Thermometer Multi-Functional Body Skin Object Liquid Water Milk Adult Child Baby Forehead Digital Thermometer(Ivory, Blue) ₹1,999
Divinext GM1010 with Backlight + Max/Min Measurement Easy Single Hand Operation Digital Light Testing Meter Luxmeter Environmental Testing Illuminometer Sensor Large Photometer GM-1010 Digital Light Meter Luxmeter Lux/FC Luminometer Photometer Camera Digital Thermometer(White) ₹1,499
Divinext Magnetic Back Digital LED Alarm Thermometer C608 / RT608 Highest Lowest Digital Room Temperature Meter Thermometer(White, Blue) ₹499
Divinext HT-5 Mini Temperature Meter with External Sensor Probe Electronic Display Digital Thermometer(White) ₹333
Divinext Lactometer To Check Water In Milk Adulteration Milk Density Thermometer(Clear) ₹399
Divinext DI-121 HTC-1 High Accuracy LCD Display Thermometer Hygrometer Indoor Electronic Temperature Humidity Meter Thermo Hygro Clock Digital Room Wall Thermometer(Black) ₹349
Divinext Multifunctional 5 in 1 Digital Temperature Humidity Meter / Calendar / Clock / Alarm HTC-1 Hygrometer Thermohygro HTC 1 Indoor Weather Station C°/F° Key + MAX & MIN Temperature Room Wall Thermometer + Data Store Electronic Temperature & Moisture Meter HTC1 Digital Thermometer(White) ₹349
Divinext 5pc Hygrometer Digital LCD Humidity Meter Thermohygro 2 Indoor Outdoor Humidity Tester Weather Station with Max/Min Memory + C °/F ° Key + Temperature + Data Store + Time Function + Alarm Clock + Calendar + Relative Humidity Room Wall Thermometer with External Wired Probe Sensor Built-in De ₹2,999
Divinext Professional High Accuracy Alcohol Tester AT-6000 Digital Breathalyzer Alcohol Breath Tester with Sound Alarm for Safe Driving Police Drunk Drivers Alcohol Test Analyzer Detector Blowing Type Portable Mini Breath Tester AT 6000 Mouthpiece Digital Alcohol Tester Alcometer Alcohol Testing Equ ₹1,299
Divinext -10°C to 50°C Wood Body Whirling Sling Psychrometer Hygrometer Centigrade Thermometer Sling Case and Humidity Chart Analogue Humidity Mercury Temperature Meter Thermometer(Wooden) ₹799
Divinext DI-025 Mini LCD Digital Freezer Fridge Refrigeration Aquarium Fish Tank Kitchen with External Sensing Probe LCD Wired Sensor Mini Digital Thermometer(Black) ₹299
Divinext New Arrival 3.5”x2.5” inch Large LCD Display Digital Hygrometer, Thermometer, Indoor-Outdoor Temperature, Indoor Humidity, Alarm, Clock, Calendar, MAX/MIN Function with Wired Probe Sensor Cable Electronic Temperature Gauge TA 298/RT 905 Digital Humidity Meter Digital Thermometer(White) ₹799
Divinext DTM-902 MAX/MIN Function + Waterproof Digital Thermometer Probe Protection Sheathe Pocket Clip Pen Thermometer(Blue, Cream) ₹599
Divinext DC-2 Mini 2.1” Clock + Temperature Meter Indoor Outdoor DC2 Mini Portable LCD Electronic Thermometer with Time Function 12/24 format Clock °C / °F Temperature Thermometer with External Wired Probe Sensor for Fridge Freezer Refrigerator Coolers AC Chillers Aquarium Fish Tank Water Indoor Out ₹399
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