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Vidiem Price List in India 2020-2021

Vidiem Models Price
Vidiem ADC MG 579A, 750 Watts Mixer Grinder (Black, With Multi CHEF & 4 Jars) ₹7,430
Vidiem MG 581 A Vision Plus 750 Watts Mixer Grinder (Black) ₹3,999
Vidiem Air Pride 3B 161 A Cooktop (Black/Orange) ₹4,950
Vidiem MG 540 A Eva Citron 650 Watts Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars (Citrus Green with Black) ₹2,590
Vidiem MG 541 A VSTAR Evo Plus 750 Watts Mixer Grinder with 4 Jar (Grey with Orange) ₹4,250
Vidiem GS G2 120 A AIR Plus 2 Burner Frameless Gas Stove (Orange) ₹5,190
Vidiem V Star Premium 750 W Mixer Grinder(Black, 5 Jars) ₹5,190
Vidiem V Star Chrome 750 W Mixer Grinder(Black, 3 Jars) ₹3,780
Vidiem EVA SERIES EVA CITRON 650 Mixer Grinder(Green, 3 Jars) ₹2,715
Vidiem Roc MG 566 A 1500 Juicer Mixer Grinder(Black, 2 Jars) ₹6,990

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  • Induction Cooktops

  • Mixer Juicer Grinders

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