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Best Selling Titan in India 2020-2021

Model Price
Titan Youth Analog Black Dial Women's Watch NM2480SM02 / NL2480SM02 ₹2,795
Titan Raga Analog White Dial Women's Watch -NM2455SM01 / NL2455SM01 ₹3,095
Titan Ladies NeoIi Analog Rose Gold Dial Women's Watch NM2480KM01 / NL2480KM01 ₹2,795
Titan Analog Blue Dial Men's Watch NM1698SM02 / NL1698SM02 ₹4,895
Titan Karishma Analog Black Dial Men's Watch NM1636SM01 / NL1636SM01 ₹2,295
Titan Analog Beige Dial Women's Watch-NM2574YM01 / NL2574YM01 ₹2,145
Titan Neo Analog Blue Dial Men's Watch NM1585SM05 / NL1585SM05 ₹2,425
Titan Autumn-Winter 20 Analog Blue Dial Men's Watch-1834SM02 / 1834SM02 ₹3,115
Titan Ladies NeoIi Analog Silver Dial Women's Watch NM2480SM07 / NL2480SM07 ₹2,695
Titan Youth Analog Purple Dial Women's Watch - 9953PP03J / 9953PP03J ₹800

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