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Best Selling Smart Care in India 2020-2021

Model Price
Smart Care Smart Care Pulse Oximeter 500C Finger Tip ₹1,259
SMARTCARE Round Lancet Needle - 300 Pieces ₹599
Smart Care Pulse Oximeter Oxygen Saturation Monitor Finger Tip ₹999
Smart Care Fingertip Pulse Oximeter, Oxygen Saturation Monitor With Perfusion Index Pulse Oximeter(Black) ₹1,106
Smart Care Blood Glucose Test Strips for Use with Smart Care Meter - 50 Strips ₹819
Smart Care Automatic Digital BP Monitor SC-208 ₹1,359
Smart Care T250 Tens 250 Nerve Stimulator ₹2,398
Smart Care Fingertip Pulse Oximeter 500C Pulse Oximeter(Black) ₹1,399
Smart Care Digital Upper Arm BP Monitor LD-528 ₹3,009
Smart Care Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitors for Home or Clinical Use LD7 ₹2,709

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  • Blood Pressure Monitors

  • Blood Glucose Monitors

  • Digital Thermometers

  • Pulse Oximeters

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