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Best Selling Mcp in India 2020-2021

Model Price
Mcp Backlight BP113 Talking USB Digital Blood Pressure Monitor ₹1,299
MCP Digital Room Thermometer for Temperature & Humidity with Alarm Clock, Wall Mount or Table Top (HTC-1) ₹375
MCP Electronic Thermo Hygro Large Big Screen Indoor Outdoor Temp LCD Display Humidity Meter Tester Tool Temperature Alarm Clock Time with External Probe Sensor Digital Digital Hygrometer Maxima Minima KT-908 Thermometer(White, Blue) ₹539
MCP TH-08 Fridge and Tank Thermometer(White) ₹247
MCP Sphygmomanometer Aneroid Type Manual Blood Pressure Monitor with Stethoscope (Black) ₹959
MCP HTC-1 Hygrometer Thermometer(White) ₹375
MCP DT F01 Digital Thermometer(White) ₹249
MCP BP115 Automatic Digital BP Monitor with USB Port (White) ₹1,079
MCP Blue Fully Automatic Micro USB Compatible Bp Monitor(Blue) ₹1,148
MCP Mercury BP Desk Sphygmomanometer Upper Arm Bp Monitor(Green) ₹1,921

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  • Blood Pressure Monitors

  • Digital Thermometers

  • Pulse Oximeters

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