Strontium Pollex 32GB Flash Drive (Black/Red)

Strontium Pollex 32GB Flash Drive (Black/Red)

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Strontium Pollex 32GB Flash Drive (Black/Red) Description

High speed data transfer performance
Read rate of 25mbps and write rate of 5mbps
Interface - Standard Type A USB (USB 2.0)
Support plug and play
Variable clock rate of 0 to 480MHz
Low power consumption
USB powered with no external power required
Non-volatile storage and solid-state reliability
Minimum 50,000 insertions
MTBF of more than 500000 hours
Data Reliability of less than 1 non-recoverable error in 1014 bits read
Retention of 10 years dependent on flash
Supports Vista ReadyBoost function
5 Years Strontium limited warranty