MCP Room Thermometer
  • MCP Room Thermometer
  • MCP Room Thermometer
  • MCP Room Thermometer

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MCP Room Thermometer Description

Environment friendly- without Mercury Measurement- -40 to 50 deg C Light Weight-Plastic body Convenient- Big Display hence easy to read Style- Wall mounted
Method for repairing the separated red alcohol. 1)Cooling Place the thermometer for 1-2 hours in the freezer
2)Warming Place the thermometer in the sink. Then gradually heat the bulb with a hair dryer on warm. The mercury will rise to the top of the thermometer and join together. Allow the thermometer to gradually cool down to room temperature. If you need to take several attempts, just heat and cool gradually. Do not overheat, as the thermometer could burst.
3)Shaking Firmly grasp the thermometer near the top, so that the bulb containing the mercury (or other indicating fluid) is pointed downward. Rapidly move the thermometer down and sharply reverse direction (and snap the wrist upward). When the thermometer reaches the lowest point of the stroke several times.